“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson
Our clients say we’re different because we can “do it all” — that we’re a perfect mix of creativity, strategy, intuition and technical skills — and we’re quite proud of that fact. All you have to do is take a look at our portfolio to know.

If there’s one thing we’ve never been, it’s boring. We highly value the process of looking for that higher step or digging for that deeper meaning. We have a healthy respect for rules and tradition, but are not afraid to break through to find and create something new and unique.

This perspective has served us well over the years, and can be illustrated by the circuitous path of Courtney’s own career. Beginning in the English Department at one of the best universities in the country, she’s spent her adult days as a bookseller, a proofreader for book publishing companies, a corporate librarian, a marketing executive in the investment banking and legal services industries, and, finally, as the owner of her own marketing and design consultancy. And, yes, she even spent a couple of years as a professional truck driver.

Kind of like life, we believe that marketing should be seen as a journey. And every journey needs someone to help navigate the path, someone with a large map, a curiosity to make new discoveries, the courage to leave the road and an eye for beauty. I guess you could say that we are professional marketing navigators, and below are a few of the qualities that make us a unique partner in a country full of creative marketers.

Business Insight

Who better to understand how businesses work and the creative marketing needs of professional services firms and large corporations than someone who has seen how they work from the inside and has been addressing their creative and marketing needs first-hand for years.

We know business, and we know design. We create connections between the right-brain and the left. We bring together theory and strategy, aesthetics and analytics, emotions and statistics. Not many designers can offer that.


We like puzzles, and we like coming up with fresh ideas to build the perfect strategy for your business needs. We don’t get lost in “the way things are always done,” but are constantly aiming to find the most efficient and effective solutions that help your business in the here and now.

Courtney has been trusted by company leaders throughout her career to create something out of nothing (or very little). She’s intuitive both in business and creative ventures, and is accustomed to rolling up her sleeves and getting a little dirty in order to better understand and meet a client’s needs.

Technical Background

We have extensive experience working with corporate clients, in-house design teams, communications agencies and print houses. We’re also obsessed with creative design technology; if it’s out there, we’ve likely used it or tried it.

To name a few, our skills are especially strong with Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Dreamweaver; Keynote; PowerPoint and Word design; web design and HTML/CSS coding; WordPress development and social media integration; and even some animation here and there. We have a proven track-record of finding and implementing creative technical solutions to bring your business into the next generation.

Executive-Level Creativity

We’ve been working with business leaders and decision makers for years to determine the right creative approach to address marketing needs of all types, including branding strategy and design on both a macro and micro scale, websites and social media, advertising, direct mail and e-mail campaigns, press and communications strategy, customer relationship management, market evaluation and community outreach, just to name a few.

We take your great ideas and turn them into works of art.