Courtney Lorenne Hudson
Creator. Innovator. Brand Specialist. Graphic Design Expert. (Truck Driver.)

I’m a designer and marketer with a passion for branding and identity development. I was designing and illustrating book covers in kindergarten and was designing logos and brochures for my own imaginary companies at the age of 10. Fast forward more years than I care to admit, and you could say I’ve been extremely fortunate to make a living doing what I love.

I spent more than a decade leading successful marketing operations for various global professional services firms, but I finally decided it was time to break away and focus my career on the things that truly fuel my passion — branding and design.

In 2013, I founded Lorenne Marketing & Design, a marketing and design consultancy, to begin to form long-term design and consulting relationships with companies from a variety of industries — from agencies, B2B and consumer-products companies, to non-profits and beyond. In that time, I have developed a number of strong, ongoing design and consulting relationships with many agencies, companies and consulting firms.

In 2014, I put my passion for innovation to the test in order to strengthen and expand my own horizons. I kicked off my heels and stepped into a pair of steel-toed boots in order to learn how to drive a big rig (18 wheels and all). Throughout this journey, I gained perspective on the various people and industries that work behind the scenes to keep our country running, but I also got a good look at the roles that marketing and design play in the lives of people who’ll likely never step foot in a boardroom.

From the backroads of America to boardrooms around the world and back, I’ve found that strategic marketing and deliberate design are essential tools for business success. Lorenne Marketing & Design is here to make sure those journeys count.

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